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miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Panacea - Thinking Back Looking Forward [2004]

1. The End of the Beginning…
2. Birdfeather
3. Let’s Make some Trax (Interlude)
4. Classic
5. Colorful Storms featuring Bilal Salaam
6. Freedom Theory
7. Just Like Brothers (Interlude)
8. The Great Escape featuring Drew Thomas
9. Koonfoolery (Interlude)
10. Heartache
11. Limitless Pages
12. Hero (Interlude)
13. Screenplay/Star Stories featuring W. Ellington Felton
14. Whole World to See (Interlude)
15. She Doesn’t Know
16. Sunburst
17. Pupil Stars
18. The Beginning of the End

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