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sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

Guru - Jazzmatazz Volume 2 The New Reality [1995]

1. Light it up.
2. Lifesaver.
3. Living in this world.
4. Looking through.
5. Watch what you say.
6. Defining purpose [Jazzalude II].
7. For you.
8. Medicine [Mental relaxation].
9. Lost souls.
10. Nobody knows (the real deal).
11. Hip hop as a way of life [Jazzalude III].
12. Respect the architect.
13. Feel the music.
14. Young ladies.
15. The traveler.
16. Maintaining focus [Jazzlalude IV].
17. Count your blessings.
18. Choice of weapons.
19. Something in the past
20. Revelation (a lot on my mind)

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