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miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

M-Phazes - The Gold Coast Beatsmith Vol.1 [2007]


01-supastition - don't stop
02-johnny five - call response
03-bliss n eso - it's working
04-raks one - the run around
05-13th son - feeling
06-awar - insecurity guards
07-hezekiah - put your toys away
08-tactic one - hold our ground ft. roshambo
09-bambu - i scream
10-muneshine - industry ills ft. napsndreds & oddisee
11-supastition - boombox (remix)
12-awar - feelin like ft. dez and shane
13-boltz - the best ft. royce 59
14-emilio rojas - rebellion in occupied territory riot
15-tactic one - straight up ft. syntax & supastition
16-13th son - the hush ft. spit syndicate
17-bliss n eso - then till now
18-trace elements - our time
19-emilio rojas - breaker 19
20-tactic one - buckets of spit ft. haunts

01-kenn starr - back at it again ft. median
02-tactic one - whatever happened
03-othello - let's just
04-bliss n eso - that feeling
05-supastition - nickeled needles v2
06-autism - choke em out ft. brinks
07-awar - let my nuts swing
08-strange fruit project - makin my way
09-tactic one - simplistic pimp shit ft. syntax
10-supastition - how that sound ft. Emilio Rojas & Kenn
11-emilio rojas - things change ft. dminor
12-13th son - ladies ft. fame
13-supastition - split decisions
14-bliss n eso - get your boof on
15-tactic one - play for keeps
16-supastition - if i knew
17-bliss n eso - coppin it sweet
18-tactic one - hip hop is

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