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lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

Holocaust And American Poets 2099 - Theater Of Pain [2009]

1. Stand – feat Holocaust (prod. by DJ Woool)
2. Sayonara Blues – feat Holocaust, Nova Kane and Ace Gauntlit (prod. by Ace Gauntlit)
3. Punch Your Face In – feat Nova Kane, Holocaust and Pro The Leader (prod. by Thanos for LXG)
4. Thursday – feat Holocaust (prod. by Prime Music)
5. Fancy Boxing – feat Pro The Leader, Holocaust, Judah Priest, Nova Kane, Dungeon Masta, and Storm da Ghetto Mutant (prod. by White Lotus)
6. Dark Stormz – feat Boot Face, Pro The Leader, Weapon X, Nova Kane and Holocaust (prod. by X-P)
7. Chamber of Poets – feat Holocaust, Fes Taylor, Ace Gauntlit, Nova Kane, Phil Anastasia, Pro The Leader and GS Advance of Shadow Clan (prod. by Gifted Glitch)
8. Nas Diss – feat Holocaust (prod. by Falling Down)
9. Introducing Chaos – feat 60 Second Assassin, Buddha Monk, Dopestyle, Pro The Leader, Jus-P of Shadow Clan and Holocaust (prod. by Gifted Glitch)
10. Rebel Hip Hop – feat Timbo King, Pro The Leader, Dopestyle and Holocaust (prod. by Prime Music)
11. Gun Grave – feat Holocaust (prod. by Prime Music)
12. Lost Scrolls of Atlantis – feat C-Rayz Walz, Atlantis Scrolls, G-Clef da Mad Komposa, Pro The Leader and Holocaust (prod. by Atlantis Scrolls)
13. Sharp Splinters – feat Holocaust, Pro The Leader, Weapon X and Dopestyle (prod. by X-P)
14. Rusted Hearts – feat Pro The Leader, White Lotus, Nova Kane and Holocaust (prod. by White Lotus)
15. Hounds – feat Holocaust and Dopestyle (prod. by DJ Woool)
16. Gun Sword – feat Holocaust, Ace Gauntlit, Atlantis Scrolls, Watt of Shadow Clan, and G-Clef da Mad Komposa (prod. by Ace Gauntlit)
17. Cold Hearted Orb – feat Holocaust and Dopestyle (prod. by Dig Dug)
18. Cleopatra – feat Holocaust, Atlantis Scrolls and King Just (prod. by Atlantis Scrolls)
19. Where are You Walking? – feat Holocaust (prod. by White Lotus)
20. What Can the Matter Be (remix) feat Holocaust (prod. by Q Money Beats)
21. Bonus Track – Domination – feat Irie 1, Pro The Leader, Holocaust, & Mic Moses (prod. by Gifted Glitch)

Una Verdadera Promesa Del Rap Llamada American Poets!*

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